Transforming Courses Story – Use Boiler Plates

Transforming Courses Story – Use Boiler Plates

A very bureaucratic purchasing department wanted to transform themselves into the latest supply management concept. There were over two hundred purchasing professionals throughout the company that needed to be trained in the new strategy and concepts.

Since training was basically non-existent an As Is process map was not a Kaizen tool option. A team of purchasing department heads decided to meet and try to design a To Be course curriculum for the new strategy and concepts. After many long hours of meeting a consensus could not be reached on many of the courses to offer. Disagreement of certain aspects was strong.

Luckily I discovered a roadmap of courses that were recommended by the Institute of Supply Management and broke the impasse. We basically boiler plated their courses into our To Be process map.  This is a good tactic to use especially when consensus cannot be reached.









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