Kaizen Kreativity (Oops!)

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In his new fun and creative book Kaizen Kreativity (Oops) or Don’t Be Afraid of Looking Stupid. I’m an Expert at It! author Dr. Tom DePaoli offers an entertaining and creative approach to improving work design and work processes. Dr. DePaoli uses a variety of techniques including story-telling, imaginative training exercises and ready to go outlines of PowerPoints on Kaizens.  Dr. DePaoli uses self-deprecating humor to recall the many times when he stumbled, when trying to implement Kaizen events. The reader can gain much from these lessons.  The book also serves as a good desktop guide to Kaizens with a wealth of information on how to organize for Kaizen events. This is not a dogmatic book that insists on a rigid methodology for Kaizens. Dr. DePaoli often shows that just using a few Kaizen tools can often result in significant gains. The book will help both the novice and the experienced Kaizen leader.

Below is a video of a purchasing kaizen via storyboard technique. Enjoy!

Storyboard_Purchasing Kaizen wmv

PowerPoint (Silent)Summary of How to Create a Successful Kaizen.

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