New Edition Common Sense Purchasing

Announcing A New Edition of Common Sense Purchasing

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By Dr. Tom DePaoli

Dr. Tom DePaoli announces a radically updated new edition of his previous top five purchasing book. It offers more nontraditional insights into the world of purchasing, procurement and the supply chain. Dr. Tom shares hard knocks lessons learned from his career and transformational consulting work.

Sheboygan, WI — Common Sense Purchasing New Edition is a modernized no-holds-barred real-world guide to relationships and negotiations success. If you do not like consultants, buzzwords and theory, then this non-traditional book is meant for you. Straight forward and to the point, this book will be difficult to put down until you have finished the total supply chain journey. Dr. Tom DePaoli, a veteran supply chain pro, learned his procurement lessons the hard way and wants to share his valuable insights for supply chain people and all business professionals. Dramatically updated and refreshed, it reveals more real-life lessons learned from a supply chain pro who has lived every job level from junior buyer to vice president. Purchasing, procurement and the supply chain are the arts of relationships and trust building that requires deft handling. Dr. Tom DePaoli has led numerous efforts to reengineer purchasing into supply management. He has successfully negotiated international supply agreements and installed end-to-end e-procurement systems. He provides poignant insights into what really works and separates the theory that does not work from the practical aspects that do.  Dr. Tom uses many of his original sayings and hard knock lessons to help supply chain, purchasing and procurement professionals get it right.  He provides updated articles and insights to guide the reader. Notably updated and refreshingly provocative. A must read.

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Title: New Edition Common Sense Purchasing



Author: Dr. Tom DePaoli website = Email:


ISBN: 9798719600918

Pages: 225

Published: April 2021

Genre: Business

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Dr. Tom DePaoli

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