Avoiding a Supply Chain Apocalypse

Avoiding a Supply Chain Apocalypse

Purchasing and supply chain professionals don’t abandon ship! Here is an alternative approach to becoming a Supply Chain Doomsday Prepper for a Supply Chain Apocalypse! In his creative guide Avoiding a Supply Chain Apocalypse – the Best of Dr. Tom, Dr. Tom DePaoli offers practical strategies and tactics, learned and tested from his purchasing and supply chain career. He does not recommend a single silver bullet or quick fix, but suggests a multi-faceted diverse approach to avoiding supply chain meltdowns. Dr. DePaoli challenges the reader to survey his best writings and to select what fits their particular organizational cultures. There is no one size fits all in the supply chain. As the importance of supply chain management grows leaps and bounds; the supply chain professional must develop multiple options and proficient tactics to insure the continuity of the supply chain. Of particular importance is “Purchasing is the art of building relationships. It is not about negotiations, transactions, industry knowledge, market knowledge, know-how or technology. It is all about building strong relationships and gaining the trust of suppliers, customers, and colleagues. There is no easy way to get employees to trust you. One of things that I’ve always done is to make sure that I do what I told them I was going to do. Nothing impresses employees more than keeping your word. Another good tactic to use is to always admit your mistakes and do not try to cover them up. Employees appreciate when you invest the time and effort to train them. Make sure you have a training plan for all of your employees. Try to behave ethically, employees expect you to lead by example and to live by your word. Communicate to them daily if possible in use as many different channels of communication as you can.” “The fact is that purchasing also runs its own Research and Development (R&D) department. Suppliers, in collaboration with purchasing, are perhaps the most cost effective R&D function in a company. Jointly they often come up with leaps in technology and transformations in products. When they cooperate they can transform a company and its products. Breakthroughs that occur via this method should receive as much publicity if not more than those developed internally! In summary getting purchasing valued for its great contribution to revenue; requires both a bottom-up and top-down approach. Empower as many employees as possible to participate in purchasing and solicit their ideas and suggestions. Set up one-on-one executive exchanges with your supplier executives. Finally, systematically create a strong marketing plan to communicate your successes.” The book serves as a guide for the purchasing or supply chain professional to optimize their supply chain and avoid disaster.

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