Common Sense Supply Management

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Common Sense Supply Maangement

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In this hard hitting and unorthodox guide to supply management, Dr. Tom DePaoli shares the business lessons learned by engaging the reader with his tales from the supply chain management trenches.

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With this approach to supply management, he offers no-nonsense strategies learned from his diverse career in many organizations. Told in part via a story format, Common Sense Supply Management – Tales from the Supply Chain Trenches uses real life examples to discuss what goes right, and often wrong, in the supply chain management trenches. The stories are told factually without any embellishing notes to distract the reader. By carefully following this book’s accounts, supply management professionals can learn a career’s worth of what to do and what not to do. DePaoli provides practical lessons launched from real-life cases and tested in the unforgiving supply chain management reality.

Like many good business leaders, the author places business relationships first and foremost in his guide. “Supply management covers more breadth and depth than any other discipline in an organization,” says DePaoli. “It is the art of building multiple relationships.”

His book advances to tackle best practices. He includes an extensive chapter on planning and strategy that prepares the reader for his multi-dimensional approach to suppliers, offers proven tactics for testing and sourcing suppliers, and is candid about the possible pitfalls of using international sourcing. A stickler for robust, data-driven decisions, he shows the sorts of metrics supply managers should be tracking. He discusses a range of computer-based tools that allow professionals to conduct their business. He warns managers about adopting slick-looking technologies that remain incompatible with an organization’s culture.

He remains convinced that his story-telling strategy will allow readers to learn more than what any textbook offers. “Some of the stories are good management lessons,” says DePaoli. “Others are the result of having great people work for me and teamwork, while some are the result of just hard work and massive amounts of tough homework.” Supply chain management continues to form the backbone of most companies. Knowing how to orchestrate its complexity can give an organization a strong competitive edge. The supply managers who are willing to take the journey and possess the indomitable spirit necessary to succeed will greatly benefit from this unorthodox but powerful guide

CommonSense Supply Management Webinar

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