Growing Up Italian in the 50s

Growing Up Memories
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Growing up Italian in the 50’s

My book pays homage to a bygone era, when extended families lived in the same neighborhood and were bound together as a village in an effort to raise their children. Growing Up Italian in the 50’s (ISBN 1467992364) is a compilation of memories from my youth. Some of the stories are humorous; some are factual, while still others were written to capture the essence of a particular person or event. I wrote each story in an effort to preserve my memories and to honor my relatives who are no longer with us.  My stories are not meant to be great works of literature. Rather, they are meant to be my personal reminiscences. “Growing Up Italian in the 50s” will instill a sense of nostalgia in baby boomers while showing younger generations what life was like for their parents and grandparents.  Buy your copy today!

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“I could not put it down once I started to read it. It had me reliving my own growing up and relating the stories to my own upbringing.”  Read  more testimonials on my book  Growing Up Italian in the 50’s.

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