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Dr.Tom DePaoli

Dr. Tom DePaoli (Dr. Tom or Captain Tom) has taught extensively at universities and in the  Navy.  He is currently the CEO of Apollo Solutions Consulting (founded in 1995). His company does general business consulting in the human resources, supply chain, transformation, and Lean Six Sigma areas. He retired as a Captain in the Navy Reserve after 38 years of service. In civilian careers, he was a supply chain and human resources executive. He has corporate turnaround, transformation experience, and Lean Six Sigma deployments. He has worked many major companies and consulted for over 150 organizations throughout his career. Some of his consulting projects include: information systems projects, re-engineering organizations, transformation, e-procurement, e-commerce, change management, global sourcing, and negotiating. His industry experience is in the chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, IT, automotive, government, consumer, equipment, services, and consulting industries. He has leadership experience in corporate, non-profit, academic and military organizations. He is published extensively in journals, magazines, blogs, and books.

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His 11 books (all available on include: Common Sense Purchasing, Common Sense Supply Management or Tales from the Supply Chain Trenches, Growing up Italian in the 50’s or How Most of Us Became Good Wise Guys, Jayson and the Corporate Argonauts—the Quest for the Golden Fleece of Transformation, Kaizen Kreativity (OOPS!), Broken Windows Management in Business-10 Minutes to Fearless Employees, Sydney the Monster Stops Bullies and Avoiding a Supply Chain Apocalypse-The Best of Dr. Tom’s Advice, Boogeyman Leadership, Leadership by Storytelling  and Sydney the Monster Stops Cyber Bullies.

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