Broken Windows Management in Business

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The biggest reason for using the Broken Windows Management method is its simplicity, speed and its success record. People have a very low tolerance for long drawn out and methodical processes to improve work. The Broken Windows Management approach offers a quick and more rational approach to improving work. It works best when the people who actually do the work participate in and make the changes.  This foundation in fixing employee dissatisfiers adds to its credibility. It is a full speed ahead solution to small improvements in quality of work life and processes.

How Does it Work – Advantage

Employees should point out the issues and problems; they can also participate in fixing them. It can be one of the more participatory management strategies.

Is the Broken Windows Management the Right Tool?

Using the Broken Windows Management in an organization that is not ready for it is a losing proposition. Employees must be convinced that management is serious about the theory and backs up the theory with visible results.

  1. Get the small projects done quickly
  1. Don’t be afraid of being overwhelmed, keep fixing and attacking the employee issues.
  1. Get leadership on the firing line or on the shop floor including executives.
  1. Get as much intelligence about what employees want as you can handle.
  1. Fix things!

Does Broken Windows  Management Actually Work?

          First off the track record of many management flavors-of-the-month is abysmal. Although the broken windows theory has be used in law enforcement and is controversial, my main recommendation for using it is t the following:

  • It actually fixes the issues that employees’ want fixed.
  • It is highly visible and can be easily tracked.
  • No expensive consultants or theories are involved.
  • It does include improving quality of work life and morale.
  • It improves the entire organization’s skill is fixing things.
  • It builds employees trust in management.

I cannot honestly point to reams of data or studies that a\say that it works. I can only say that out of many management theory options or fads it is one of the most practical and uncomplicated.

I urge my readers to give it a try.

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