Forget Humility

84. Forget Humility


Brag incessantly about your genius and great skill. Brag to your team and other departments about your great leadership traits. Never stop bragging.


          My colleague had a boss who twenty years previously had saved the company a significant sum of money on reducing freight costs.  He constantly bragged about this achievement and noted that it somehow revealed his great creativity. He constantly told the story of how he did this and repeatedly embellished it at every new version. He also perpetually did it in front of suppliers, customers and other department heads. He never got tired of telling the story and never ceased to embellish it. We could all practically recite it word for word ourselves.

Illustration: Boss in a Roman toga at a meeting, “Friends, Romans, countrymen, I saved so much money I should be declared Emperor. Employees around a table falling asleep, slouching looking bored.

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