How to get People to Trust You

There is no easy way to get employees to trust you. One of things that I’ve always done is to make sure that I do what I told them I was going to do. Nothing impresses employees more than keeping your word. Another good tactic to use is to always admit your mistakes and do not try to cover them up. Employees appreciate when you invest the time and effort to train them. Make sure you have a training plan for all of your employees. Try to behave ethically, employees expect you to lead by example and to live by your word. Communicate to them daily if possible in use as many different channels of communication as you can. Remember some people have preferred channels for communication. Take the time to understand what they do and respect what they do.
One of the things that I always did was sitting down with my employees and not only watching how they do their jobs but actually have them teach me how to do their job, then go out and actually do some of it. This really grounds you as a boss. You get a good understanding of the aspects of their job and what they go through every day. If I work for a company that had well documented work practices, I would read these before I sat down with the employee. This gave me a good background to learn more rapidly. It also showed the employee that I was very interested in what they do.

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